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Welcome to SongsManipur

Human wants are unlimited, and as a matter of fact, everybody keeps on doing things that would satisfy his or her wants and to make their work and life easier and because of only this reason, we are at this stage right now, which might have never imagined before. With this view our team developed a website called "www.songsmanipur.com".

SongsManipur is the best online Manipuri MP3 and Manipuri videos Downloading website based in Manipur. The team of the SongsManipur aims to provide the taste of manipuri mp3 songs, manipuri videos,manipuri epom,new manipuri albums, manipuri digital film songs etc as well as mp3 of different dialects to the people throughout the Globe.

First of all before downloading the mp3 and videos files all users required to registered to our website, Only the registered User have the full right to download and enjoy our file.

Hijam Irabot Hijam Irabot Singh (30 September 1896-26 September 1951), also known as Jana Neta Hijam Irabot was a freedom fighter, politician and social activist from Manipur. He was one of the founder leaders of Communist Party of India (CPI) in Manipur. He wrote journals and poetry, as well as plays in which he also acted. He was also a sportsman. He chaired the 4th Session of the Nikhil Manipuri Mahasabha. Read more..

Thangol Ado Maya Thangu Thouna



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2. eigi-mapok-ashida
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3. he-pirang
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4. mera-thagi-sanarei
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5. eigidamak-leplabani
(1 vote)
6. numidang-wairamse
(1 vote)
7. eigee-wakhal-khalluran...
(1 vote)
8. lonna-lonna
(1 vote)
9. nungsi-nangbu
(1 vote)
10. leikhokta-pomlibini-sa...
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